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Long Nights and Brave Days: a Survivor’s Guide to Moving on with Jesus.

As I research and complete the first draft of my upcoming book, this is where I’ll be sharing snippets and tasters. Having already compiled over a year’s worth of research (now where on earth did I leave my notes?) and accumulating what surely must be the largest library on the Jesus Movement the British side of the fish-pond, it would be logical to assume that I’m writing a history of the Jesus Movement. Well, my partner in crime Larry Eskridge has already done a masterly job of that, with ‘God’s Forever Family: The Jesus People Movement in America’ published by none other than the Oxford University Press, and although he’s a little lite on the early 1970s Northern Californian Jesus happy hippy scene – none-the-less Larry’s act would be a hard one to follow.

So what I’m trying to knock into shape is a historically-accurate yet inspirational memoir provisionally titled “Long Nights and Brave Days: a Survivor’s Guide to Moving on with Jesus”.

From time to time, I’ll be posting chapter excerpts here, just to whet your appetite for more – your feedback both positive and negative is always welcome.

Meanwhile, please do follow my blog and sign-up for free email updates. Come back soon for my latest and hopefully, greatest (although there’s still much coffee to drink first) writing exploits!

John E. Ruffle, March 24, 2019


John (left) with Gladdys (holding our son Luke), and extended family in the Philippines, 2017.

For those who didn’t or can’t remember the ’60s (and who can!) the title of my post is a nod toward Joan Didion‘s 1968 insightful essay collection, ‘Slouching Towards Bethlehem’.

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  1. Got saved in 77 while on a phone call to Calvary Chapel West Covina (Raul Ruiz). This day was different: My live-in boyfriend was a “psychic reader” and he looked like Montezuma. We’d been going to a New (old) Age group called City of Lights in Glendora. So, passed Jesus up in 72 at the Costa Mesa Calvary tent, but this time, God had me up against the wall: Clock in my kitchen started disappearing. I had done LSD in the past, but not for 5 or more years. God was “helping” me make a better decision. I thought “God if you are real, I could really use the help right now….” Needless to say, it was my day of Salvation and Deliverance. God gave me a new home in a new city that very night!

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